Zeljko Obradovic

After sweeping Real Madrid in the Euroleague quarter-finals Zeljko Obradovic weighed in on the recent events involving FIBA Europe and the Euroleague. FIBA Europe threatens to exclude several National Teams from the 2017 Eurobasket. This is his full statement.

«It’s going to be such a great Eurobasket to watch without those fourteen banned national teams. These guys at FIBA, they really care about basketball. They are always claiming they only care about the sport and all that stuff and now they ban fourteen national teams… Come on! Why basketball clubs are not allowed to choose freely? Teams were supposed to choose between FIBA [Champions League] and the Euroleague. Now they’re talking about banning national teams. I tell you it’s going to be an awesome European Championship to watch… Maybe those teams will end up playing their own tournament. We’ll see how all this ends».