ricky rubio

Despite the latest trade rumors Ricky Rubio doesn’t think he will leave Minneapolis soon. «There will always be rumors. Those are things you can’t control. Before the NBA draft I had a really good conversation with Tom Thibodeau. He clearly showed confidence in me. We haven’t talked since then, but there’s no need to», he said from the Spanish National Team camp this Friday.

The Timberwolves chose Kris Dunn, another point guard, in the draft, but Ricky doesn’t see it as a threat but as a motivation. «There will be an intense competition for the spot, but Kris and I can also play together. I’ve done it before, I’ve played with another point guard by my side [in Spain], and it was a good experience», Ricky said.

Asked directly if there is any chance to be traded to another team before the start of the next season, Ricky didn’t hesitate: «No, there’s not».

We’ll see.