After eleven seasons in the NBA, it seems nothing can make José Manuel Calderón lose his cool. Not even another trade. “I’m excited. I’m looking forward to a fresh start in Chicago”, he said to this website in Madrid, where the Spanish Olympic Team met up.

A week ago José Calderón was traded to the Chicago Bulls along with Jerian Grant and Robin Lopez in exchange for Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a future second round pick. “I was with my family on vacation when it happened. They called me one hour before the trade went public to inform me. Before that, I wasn’t aware of anything”, he said.

It’s the third time in the last four seasons Calde is dealt by a team. In 2013 the Raptors sent him to the Pistons. In 2014, the Mavs traded him to the Knicks.

Prior to joining the Spanish National Team, Calderón spent several days in Chicago getting to know his new city and meeting with Chicago Bulls management. «They told me they want me there and I’m happy with the trade as well. Chicago’s always been one of my favorites cities», ha added.

However, Calderón is still unsure about his role in the new Chicago Bulls. Jerian Grant, Spencer Dinwiddie and even Denzel Valentine and Jimmy Butler could run the point. Will he be the starter, the backup point guard or what? “First we’ll have to wait to see how this crazy free agency period ends, but I’m definitely excited with this new challenge”, he said.

On his last season with the Knicks, Calderón stated that “collectively we could have done better. I do believe we had a playoff team, but things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed”.

Calderón joins Nikola Mirotic in Chicago, so the Bulls will continue to have a big fan base in Spain despite Pau Gasol most definitely leaving to another franchise.